Laboratory of Interaction of Cells with Nanomaterials

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Studied materials

       - CVD graphene
Silicon nanoparticles
          - photoluminescence nanoparticles of size under 10 nm with excitation around 750 nm

Biodegradable collagen-based nanocomposites
         - 3D scaffolds for bone – composition – collagen, polylactid acid, hydroxyapatite, hyaluronic acid
        - 2D scaffolds with antimicrobial activity – composition – collagen, hydroxyapatite, antibiotics

Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT)
       - various types with different preparation techniques

Nanocrystalline diamond films (NCD)
       - deposited on different substrates (Si, Ti, glass)
       - different termination (H- or O-termination)
       - different roughness - NCD monolayer on materials with different roughness
       - different thickness of NCD layers on fine material

Titanium dioxide nanotube films (TiO2NT)
       - films of NT with different ratio on titanium substrate

Glass coated with poly-lysine or/and silane
      - functionalization with plasmid DNA for cell microarrays

Zinc oxide – solid surfaces grown by hydrothermal method at low temperature
       - different nano-/micro-structures

Pyrolytic carbon – graphite after pyrolysis – covalent interlayer binding, disordered layers
       - different termination (O-, H-, N-, NH3-)
       - different roughness (Argon plasma treatment)