Laboratory of Interaction of Cells with Nanomaterials

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Who we are

The research of our group is mainly focused on interactions between human cells (SAOS-2 cell line, HeLaG cell line, primary mesenchymal stem cells) and surfaces made from different artificial biocompatible materials with controlled topography and atomic termination.

Materials studied by our research group are predominantly carbon-based - nano-crystalline diamond (NCD), films from single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT), graphene and pyrolytic carbon (PyC). But we also studied cell-surface interaction between titanium dioxide nano-tubes for photodynamic therapy and zinc oxide nanocrystals. Majority of the studied materials is prepared in institutes and facilities of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Only PyC samples are produced in the CRANN institute The University of Dublin - Trinity College.

Our aim is to describe the influence of the material properties on the cell survival, adhesion, growth and differenciation. Knowledge gained from our research can be utilized in fabrication of coatings for bone implants improving the healing process and also, thanks to controllable electrical conductivity of these materials, in construction of bio-electronic devices and biosensors.

Last but not least we are also studying the influence of diamond and silicon nanoparticles on human cells regarding their utilization as markers in fluorescence microscopy.