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Last updated: January 8, 2024

I like nature - flowers - herbs, and the photography is my hobby. I prepared the classical herbarium, as young, with dried-up flowers, and I had more then 300 flowers.
Many years I used digital Olympus SLR-EVF compact Ultra-zoom camera SP-570 UZ and in 2012 I changed to Micro 4/3 Panasonic Lumix GX-1, mirrorless camera with extremely light lens LEICA DG SUMMILUX 25 mm f1,4 ASPH, and macro-lens Leica DG Macro-Elmarit 45mm, f/2.8 ASPH. My photo experiences, photo gallery, are described in other WWW site - Digital Photo/Video.

Flowers, herbs described in this WWW-site were identified by many different resources, web including. I will greatly appreciate any your comments, inaccuracy description, or to identify not yet described photos.

Herbarium search - database

Searching of herbarium database - prepared using EZDB script (author of this CGI script - Stephane Barde). Herbarium database could be searched by different items, as well by partial description of it (substrings). The new field - Family, has been added in August 2006 (Family by Czech taxon tree), other field - Flower color has been added in April 2010. Original EZDB searching script may be used, if there could be problem with Czech characters.

Czech name -
Family in Latin -
Locality of photo -
Month of photo/flowering -
Flower color -

 EZDB Search script

Examination of full herbarium - alphabetic photogallery

Examination of full herbarium thumbnails of 9200 photo-images are aranged alphabetically by latin names, selected to 80 pages about 80 - 100 images/per page (for slower communicated PC). Full view of photos (800px x 600px, cca 100 kB) - click to thumbnail.

Download - summary/table of all images included in the herbary database (table in Excel form .XLS) available here: Excel table - Herbar.

Thumbnails gallery of flowers (starting letters of latin name):     
Abdom - Acoka,     Aconi - Aethi,     Agapa - Alyss,     Amara - Anemo,     Angel - Aquil,     Arabi - Arund,     Asari - Azori,     Babia - Belli,    
Belop - Bouva,     Bowie - Brown,     Brugm - Butom,     Cacci - Calyc,     Camar - Campy,     Canar - Catha,     Cattl - Centr,     Cepha - Cicer,    
Cicho - Cnicu,     Cobae - Colut,     Comar - Coryt,     Cosmo - Croco,     Crocu - Cylin,     Cymba - Cynac,     Cynar - Cytis,     Daboe - Delph,    
Dendr - Dendr,     Denta - Diphy,     Diplo - Dycki,     Ebenu - Echin,     Echiu - Epica,     Epide - Eremu,     Eria - Eucal,     Eucha - Exoch,    
Fabia - Fumar,     Gagea - Genna,     Genti - Geran,     Gesne - Gnaph,     Goeth - Gypso,     Haben - Helio,     Helip - Heuch,     Hibbe - Hoffm,    
Holco - Hysso,     Iberi - Ipomo,     Iriar - Ixora,     Jacar - Kreys,     Labla - Layia,     Ledum - Ligus,     Liliu - Litho,     Loasa - Luma,    
Lunar - Lythr,     Macle - Marty,     Masca - Masti,     Matri - Mexip,     Micon - Myrtu,     Nagel - Neptu,     Nerin - Nymph,     Obero - Ompha,    
Oncid - Opunt,     Orbea - Oxyri,     Pabst - Papav,     Paphi - Paphi,     Papil - Pelar,     Pelat - Petun,     Phace - Phala,     Phale - Phyll,    
Physa - Pitto,     Plant - Podop,     Pogos - Pouch,     Prasi - Prunu,     Pseud - Querc,     Ramon - Rhapo,     Rhazy - Rhus,     Rhync - Rutty,    
Sacoi - Salvi,     Sambu - Saxif,     Scabi - Seema,     Seide - Skim,     Smila - Stanh,     Stape - Syzyg,     Taber - Tiare,     Tibou - Treve,    
Trias - Tript,     Trise - Typha,     Ulex - Vando,     Vanil - Veron,     Vibur - Vuyls,     Walds - Zygop.    

Photos up to now not identified flowers:     unidentified.    
Looking for any your kind help to identify more flowers in my herbarium.

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Botanic gardens in Czech Republic:
Teplice, Praha - Trója, Praha - Albertov, Liberec, Brno, Brno - Mendelova Univ., Tábor, Olomouc - Flora, Plzeň.

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