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eLearning database of gastroenterology images

This database contains selected endoscopic, ultrasound, endo-ultrasound, and X-ray images
from the database of the 4th Internal Dept, General Teaching Hospital and 1st School of Medicine, Charles University, Prague.

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To search in the description of the image, it is sufficient to enter even a part of the word. Sequence means a set of related images documenting, for example, several steps of a given endoscopic procedure. Sequences are labeled chronologically with numbers, which are given next to the picture. To search using the name of the JPG file allows to find the image according to the date, when the image was taken. There is a string next to any picture (YYMMDD) which serves for searching in the database by entering the date or a part of the date.

Last updated: June 26, 2011                 Complete database - to display all images in the database (n=279)

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