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Doc. MUDr. Hanuš Rozsypal, CSc.

PhDr. Božena Zachovalová

Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases,
First Faculty of Medicine,
Charles University and Na Bulovce Hospital
Budínova 2
Praha 8
180 81
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 266082717
E-mail: bozena.zachovalova@

Insinuator Medicamentorum –
A Contribution to E-Learning

H. Rozsypal, Dec-17-2017
Insinuator medicamentorum

An unseparable part of the practical training of the subject Infectious Disease Medicine and other clinical studies is the ward at the bed of a hospitalized patient. This includes examination of patients and looking into their documentation. An obstacle in this full comprehension of connections is a difficult understanding of extensive chronic medication. Each of the medications is practically reported under the numerous brand names.

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The Gist of the Textbook

H. Rozsypal, Oct-29-2017

Let me introduce you a textbook Principles of Infectious Medicine, which is going to guide you through the three-week course of Infectious Medicine and which will you prepare for the exam. (article in Czech)

Základy infekčního lékařství Rozsypal Hanuš
Základy infekčního lékařství
brožovaná, 572 str.,
1. vydání
ISBN 9788024629322
cena: 460 Kč

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Timetables of the Infectious Disease Course, 4th study year, Programme General Medicine and Dentistry, Czech and English Parallel, study year 2017/2018 and the timetable of the Infectious Disease Course, joined master´s studies in intensive care.

The start of courses of each block in ID´s will be always at the lecture room at the Training Center of the Military University Hospital, Prague 6 (directions). Teaching sites in the following days will be set by timetable.

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